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    Humber Nurseries Ltd. is an industry leader in the production and supply of annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, herbs and aquatic plants with varieties that are not commonly available at other nurseries. Over 135 different varieties of ornamental grasses, over 3,000 different perennials, over 190 herbs, over 60 aquatic plants and 50 ferns are offered in our greenhouses. Our selection of trees, shrubs and evergreens is second to none. From the most common shrubs to the most exotic of trees.

    Humber Nurseries Ltd. has a number of gardens displaying the ordinary to the unusual in plant material and hard landscaping materials. Our new 12 month indoor Landscape Design and Idea Centre displays numerous landscape themes from water features to patios and lighting.

  • Gardening Tips

    Due to the heat and sun, deciduous and coniferous trees were under a lot of heat and drought stress. New trees and old established trees showed signs of such with leaf scorch and premature leaf drop. Now is a good time to help these trees. Even with cooler temperatures, do irrigate particularly if the rainfall is below average through the autumn months. Better yet, go one step further and fertilize with a product such as 1-10-10 Fish Emulsion. This organic fertilizer will improve soil microbial activity and provide nutrients for root recovery while prepping the plant for the coming winter months. Apply now then twice more in 10 day intervals.

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