Landscape Plans for Every Budget

‘In-House’ Custom Design Service $69.99 (At Humber)

Our most popular alternative allows you to participate directly in the creation of your own unique landscape design and you also receive a $15 Gift Card (redeemable for any product or installation offered by Humber Nurseries). Each appointment is for a front OR back yard, based on an overall lot size of 40′ – 50′ wide x 120′ long. For corner lots, front AND back yard designs, please book a double appointment.

It’s a simple, easy process:

  1. Appointments can be made in person, at our inside store, or by phone (905) 794-0555 or (416) 798-8733 ext. 223. Payment is required at time of booking.
  2. Pick up your Humber Landscape Planning Guide when booking your appointment or we can mail it to you when booking by phone.
  3. Complete the basic information required by following the step by step instructions in the Planning Guide.
  4. Bring your completed Humber Planning Guide and your photos to your approx. 45 minute consultation. Your input and comments help ensure that your custom detailed drawing will be ‘just right’ for you and your home.

‘On-Site’ Consultation

A professional landscape drawing completed to scale after a consultation at your residence or business:

  • $600 for front OR back yard, based on standard 40′ – 50′ — 120′ lot, and receive a $100 Humber Gift Card.
  • $900 for front AND back yard based on a standard 40′ – 50′ — 120′ lot.
  • $1000 and up (depending on location and lot size) for front or back yards of larger residential and commercial sites.
  • When you purchase any of the ‘on-site’ designs you will receive a $100 Humber Gift Card (with purchase of $600 or higher design).

Please Note:
A distance surcharge may apply to ‘on-site’ consultations at a rate of $100.00 and up, depending on your location.

Ready-Made’ Plans (50¢ ea)

Choose from over 50 pre-printed landscape designs each depicting a different front yard, back yard or feature area.