Policies / Procedures

Guarantee Policy


It is normal for plants to experience some stress for a period of up to 2 years after planting. Signs of stress can be wilting, limited new growth, small leaves or loss of colour. Our nursery stock will grow if properly handled, planted and good “after care” is provided (watering, fertilizing etc.). Failure to provide adequate care will render your guarantee null and void.

NOTE: There may be dieback on your purchased plant and severe dieback may occur as well during extreme winter conditions as experienced during 2013/2014. This dieback does not constitute a credit under the Humber Nurseries guarantee. Patience is required in these circumstances. Dead branches should be removed to allow new growth to prosper. Fertilize twice monthly in season. Humber

Nurseries will review these plants during mid to late June to determine the next course of action. Guarantees will be extended to accommodate this time frame. Do not remove plants too early as this will void guarantee. Our Service Desk is here to help. You can call or visit us should you have any type of problem with your plants. If it is more convenient, you can also email digital photos to

manager@gardencentre.com attention “Service Desk” and we will diagnose the problem for you.

  • Should a plant die while guaranteed we will replace the plant once with a credit note (NO CASH REFUNDS). To make a claim under our guarantee, simply bring the plant and your receipt to our service desk. For plants that are too large to bring in, please contact us to make other arrangements.
  • Plants purchased with a credit note voucher receive no warranty.
  • Credit notes cannot be used on delivery, planting charges or landscape design services.
  • The loss of one stem on a clump plant and/or winter dieback does not qualify a plant for replacement under our guarantee.
  • When using your credit note to purchase plants, if the new plant is of greater value than the credit note, the difference would receive a guarantee.
  • The exact variety, size or price of plant you originally purchased may not always be available.
  • Products purchased receiving VIP Discounts are eligible for all applicable, full value guarantees. Sale items are guaranteed for value paid.
  • Tropical houseplants, herbs and bulbs receive a three-month guarantee.
  • Hardy Perennials are guaranteed for two (2) full years (see display signs and/or Price List to distinguish Hardy from Tender Perennials).
  • This two (2) year guarantee does not apply to tender perennials, water plants, some roses, broadleaf evergreens, fruits, any plants otherwise indicated as no guarantee over winter or ANY NURSERY STOCK USED INDOORS OR SET IN ABOVE GROUND PLANTERS OVER WINTER. These plants are guaranteed to December 31st of the year of purchase only.
  • This guarantee does not apply to damage or death caused by natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, vandalism, negligence, acts of a person, animal, insect or incurable disease.
  • NOTE: Insects, animals and diseases occur in nature and are beyond the control of Humber Nurseries. Plants affected or damaged by naturally occurring pests are not returnable under our guarantee.
  • There is no guarantee on sod, annuals, vegetables, flowering potted plants, flowering hanging baskets, seasonal plants or containers.

Containers and Garden Accents

  • Concrete, plastic, fiberglass/resin, metal and clay products (i.e. containers and garden accents, pots, bowls, fountains and figurines) must be kept dry during the winter to prevent cracking and crumbling. These products are not guaranteed over winter due to climatic conditions.

Living Organisms and Fish

  • There is no guarantee on Fish, Nematodes, Ladybugs and Praying Mantis or any other living organisms.


Similar to our Two (2) Year Guarantee but extended to a full 36 months when plant material is installed by Humber Nurseries Ltd. (Except perennials, which are guaranteed, but will not be re-installed by Humber Nurseries). We will replace a plant once, subject to the presentation of the dead plant or landscape inspection report and your landscape invoice, free of charge in the same hole. An additional charge may apply if planted in a different location.

  • Access to the planting location must remain for the guarantee to apply.
  • Humber Nurseries Ltd. is not responsible for pruning, fertilizing, watering, and removing stakes or in any way maintaining plant material after it has been installed.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to verify that the planting area is clear of all utilities. Humber Nurseries Ltd. will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, including but not limited to cut irrigation, gas, water, septic, cable, telephone or electrical lines resulting from work done on the customer’s behalf.
  • If trees or shrubs are being planted on ‘City/Town Property’ it is solely the responsibility of the customer/homeowner to obtain all necessary approvals. Subsequent removal, changes etc. would be at the customer/homeowner’s expenses

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are for services provided and are not refundable and are not covered under our guarantee. When a delivery charge was paid on the original order, a new delivery charge will apply if any plant is being replaced under the terms of our guarantee and requires re-delivery.

Planting Charges

Planting charges are a one-time fee for services provided and are not refundable. However, when a planting charge was paid on the original purchase, it is our policy to re-install without charge, any plant being replaced under the terms of our guarantee. This re-installation will be at the discretion of Humber Nurseries and in certain cases a new planting charge may be necessary, if out of our travel area (Zone) or if planting site or conditions have changed. Please visit humbernurseries.com to see which zone pertains to yourself via postal code.

Due to rising fuel costs, a fuel charge may be implemented at any time throughout the year without notice. For Delivery and Planting Charges see pamphlet GM1122.

Credit notes cannot be used on delivery, planting charges or landscape design services.

Holding Policy

Your selected nursery stock and other merchandise can be held for future pick-up or delivery with a 20% deposit or for 24 hours without a deposit.

Refund Policies

Please assess your plant needs accurately. Live plants are not returnable.

Hard goods may be returned within 30 days provided they are in original condition, with proof of purchase. If a credit or debit card was used, the original card and transaction slip are required. If payment was made by cheque, the refund will be by cheque 30 days after deposit date. Your Loyalty Dollar Discount will be also be reversed at the time of return.


Devlivered Interlock and Stone Order Status

A 25% re-stocking charge on stone products such as Bestway, Browns, Global Arch, Gott Stone, Navascape, Permacon, Rinox, Triple H, Unilock and other products will apply to any and all stone products that are returned. Shipping costs will be implemented at manufacturers discretion. LESS THAN A FULL BUNDLE IS NOT RETURNABLE.

Pick-Ups at Garden Centre Returns *Stock Items Only*

A 25% re-stocking charge will apply to any stone product returned to the Humber Nurseries yard, provided product is in original condition and is a Humber yard stocked item.

Price and Availability

Prices in our price lists are based on information available at the time of publication. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, prices, sizes and availability are subject to change without notice. Quotations are based on information available at that time and are also subject to change without notice. Tax is extra where applicable.

Due to the movement of price labels, which is beyond our control, we reserve the right to ensure that the correct price is charged for any product or service.

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Humber Nurseries, pricing and policies may be reviewed, changed and implemented anytime throughout the year.

Credit Note Vouchers and Loyalty Dollars cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.

Credit Note Vouchers can not be used on delivery, planting charges or landscape design services.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, Debit, Cash and Cheques (with proper I.D.). A service charge of $25.00 will be applied to NSF Cheques.

Deposit on Pallets

Products shipped on Bestway, Browns, Gott Stone, Navascape, Permacon, Rinox, Triple H or Unilock pallets require a deposit on each pallet. A credit is given on the return of these pallets in good condition. The responsibility for the return of the pallet rests solely with the buyer. In order to receive the credit, pallets must be returned by December 31 of the year in which the product was purchased.