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VIP Discount Program

On a single, one time purchase over:

  • $500.00, 5% is instantly deducted off your bill.
  • $2,000.00, 10% is instantly deducted off your bill.
  • $3,000.00, 15% is instantly deducted off your bill.

Conditions for VIP Discount Program:

  • A VIP discount is not applicable to any other purchases, retroactively or in the future.
  • Services such as deliveries, planting charges, and bulk material purchases (i.e. soils, gravels, mulches and firewood) helps you achieve VIP discounts, but are not discountable.
  • VIP Discounts will be applied to quantity discount items.
  • VIP Discounts cannot be applied to sale items.
  • Direct sod deliveries are not eligible for the VIP program.
  • Products purchased receive all applicable, full value guarantees. No guarantee on sale items.
  • All calculations and discounts are before taxes.