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Thanks so much for organizing and shipping our material this week.
All the plants were in excellent shape, and our boys were thrilled to make choices and pot them and take them home…
You guys really did a great job for us.
Thanks again.

The Sterling Hall School

Hello I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciated help by one of Humber garden centres employees. The gentleman’s name was Gord. When asking a few questions about trees (I wanted to plant some larger trees at my new home as all mature trees were lost a few years back as told by original owners) he was extremely helpful.

He noticed our daughter was disabled and we were having difficulty pushing her wheelchair. He took the time to get a golf cart and take us on a little tour of your garden centre. He took us over to where the larger trees were. He educated us about better suited trees to our area, faster growing, disease resistant etc. He even took the time to bring my daughter by the fishpond area to see all the koi. These days you don’t find employees like this. I just wanted you to know how much this meant to us. We did not purchase anything that day but once we plan out our gardens we will definitely be back to purchase all our stuff at Humber Garden Centre. I have purchased a lot of your flowers and shrubs for my last home and will for my new home as well. I will tell all people I know about this experience. I will visit centre again real soon.

Have a great day!

Rob Whitten

Hi Monica,

I would like to thank Garret, for always taking the time to help me with my summer purchases.  Every year I make my way to Humber Nurseries, as I have for the past forty years, to add another bush, tree, and flowers to my garden.  I always look forward to greeting Gerret, as he is ready and willing to help me with my selection. He is such a wonderful person to have on you team. I can’t thank him enough for his patience, kindness, and much appreciated advice. I hope that he is a Humber Nursery employee for many, many more years to come. I would appreciate you sharing this email with him. Oh yes, please tell him that I bought the Korean Lilac tree, the Japanese Pom Pom and I just love them.

Thank you Monica,


Linda Baklarz

On Monday I phoned your store and explained to the aquatic department that we wanted to purchase a large water lily for our pond, we decided on an orange canalily.  I explained to the employee that as my husband is 74 years old that I would appreciate it if he could leave it at the front cash to save my husband the walk, he explained that it would be at the main cashier.When my husband got there to pay for it he was greeted by an employee, approximately 22 years old, tall and slim with medium length curly hair. This employee went far beyond the call of duty, as he carried  it to the car for him then asked him to hang on for a second and ran back to the store and got a large piece of plastic to lay down in the back of our vehicle and then carefully laid the lily down.

We thought this employee should be recognized for his great service and assure you that he is and will remain being a fantastic asset for your firm.

Thank you for hiring this fine employee and wish all firms had a least one of him.

Hope you all have a great day.

Ron and Sandy Moxham

Hi!  My name is Karen; & I want to tell you about a “Very Special” employee you have!

For the past 6 years; we go to your garden centre to choose flowers for my Mom. My Mom passed away 7 years ago and she is resting at Glenview Cemetary, across the road from you. We look forward to making her garden look beautiful. But, I feel sad & down the day we plant too.

That sadness was soon to disappear & this is why I am writing to you. We have a little list of the flowers we want (neither one of us are very knowledgeable about flowers or plants); but I knew I wanted Pansies. After getting our Pansies; we are not sure what to get next.

This is when this sweet; angelic girl came into my day.

I saw her in the distance (in the Annuals section); so I called to her “Excuse me; but can you help us”. Her personality was incredible!!! I asked her what her name was…her name is Heather.

We told her about the size of the garden; around 2ft. x 3ft. Heather expressed empathy when I told her it was for my Mom, across the street in Glenview. Heather said how sorry she was about my Mom…with pure honesty & care.

She was so energetic & happy to help us. Well, we were so grateful for her knowledge. Heather picked the most gorgeous flowers & edging for us. We left & planted the garden. It is breathtaking!!! In fact, we were up to visit my Mom yesterday (Mother’s Day), and were complimented by a couple of people about how beautiful it is.

Too bad the world doesn’t have very many people like Heather. It would be a much happier & beautiful place. But I had the good fortune to cross paths with her, and for that I am glad. Heather took my sadness away that day, and made me smile.

Please acknowledge Heather for her outstanding customer service. I would be so grateful if you would do something special for her. I hope Humber Nurseries notices her for being an asset to their company. Because, without employee’s like Heather, Humber Nurseries wouldn’t be a great place to shop.

Thank you Heather for putting a smile on my face last Friday (May 11th./12). You make a sad day a happy one!

Karen Jansen


My husband and I visited the Garden Centre, May 18th.

Tamika took us out to the yard via golf cart and suggested showed us suitable replacement tree for our garden.

Because of my husband’s mobility issues this was most helpful.

Tamika’s product knowledge was excellent – her empathy and consideration exceptional! We are thrilled with the choice of Eastern Redbud as it makes a nice statement and is a larger specimen as part of a street planting than a replacement Flowering Crabapple.

I later called the Garden Centre since we couldn’t get up there as we decided to do a small planting and the plants could be delivered and planted by the landscaper (Above & Beyond) at the same time. Tamika told me what plants were available, chose them, put them aside for pick up and handled payment, etc.

We had to take the time to tell you how we really appreciated this service and will be pleased to recommend Tamika as well as the Garden Centre for great stock and service.

Christine & Yarema Gribowski, Mississauga, Ontario.

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